Obesity and weight-related health problems are alarmingly high in the U.S. Losing or managing weight is a struggle for many, but it gets even harder with age. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can improve the successful loss for women and men alike.

You may have heard negative things circling steroid and HGH injections to improve physical conditions. Our professional and knowledgeable guide can help you to understand the ins and outs of these products and answer questions about what they are, the effects they have on your weight, and why we offer them.

What are They?


The Growth Hormone comes from the pituitary gland, an active player in the physiological development for all of your bodily tissues. It acts as both the direct source of change and the root of other changes elsewhere. GH is often higher in women but is present in both sexes.


Testosterone is a hormone produced in various areas depending on the sex of the body. Men get their testosterone from their testes while women produce it in smaller amounts in these areas:

  • ovaries – the female equivalent to testes
  • adrenal glands – hormone-producing glands responsible for adrenaline and steroids
  • tissues – surrounding the ovaries and adrenal gland

Testosterone is an aromatizable anabolic steroid. Anabolic means it sends your body into an anabolic state where muscles are gained and fat is metabolized.

This is responsible for the formation of a male physique during puberty, for developing and maintaining the male reproductive system, and for physical functions in both sexes. Aromatizable means that this steroid is converted into Estrogen, natural in both sexes but higher in women.

Difference between HGH and Testosterone

Despite the fact that growth hormone and testosterone have completely different structures and secretions, there is a complex interaction between the effects of the two hormones.

Here are the effects that GH and Testosterone have on your weight.

Tissue Growth and Development

HGH interacts with the liver, creating the secretion of a similar growth hormone known as Insulin Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1). This promotes bone and tissue growth.

Testosterone generates muscular tissues and aids in bone density. Menopausal women with low-t are more likely to contract Osteoporosis. Each comes in larger amounts during your youth to assist in the crucial development of muscular tissue.

While they’re highly active in adolescence, it slows ineffectiveness around age 40, and sometimes as early as age 30. Less regeneration and reproduction of the muscular tissues results in the following:

  • elevated fat percentage
  • nerve, muscle, or joint pain
  • muscle fatigue
  • smaller muscles and leaner mass
  • temperature sensitivity
  • decreased strength and inability to perform continuous physical activity
  • lack of structural support by muscles for weakened bones make you prone to fractures

hgh vs steroids workout

As you age, your muscles weaken from lower secretions of GH and testosterone steroids. A less amount in adulthood could mean fatigue, soreness, arthritic pain, and an inability to exercise as you had before.


HGH and IGF-1 can work individually or together on your body’s ability to break down and metabolize proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. The slowing or inactivity of this function occurs with age and can lead to assorted issues with overall internal health and weight management.

Reproductive and Sexual Functions

Testosterone forms the basic functions for men to reproduce and for both sexes to maintain a healthy sex drive. Low-T can result in decreased libido. This affects your weight in surprising ways since low levels cause you to lose interest in sex, which burns calories, helping with weight management.

Sleep, Stamina and Energy

Muscles aren’t the only things that feel tired and weak from deficiency. Testosterone and the GH alike assist in your body’s ability to metabolize for energy. Low levels mean less amounts of metabolized nutrients that aid in your mental and physical stamina. You’ll feel sluggish all day, lack the energy to exercise, and have trouble sleeping at night.

Mood and Mental Stability

It’s obvious that a lack of energy makes you irritable. Androgen deficiencies from low-t cause:

  • mood swings
  • depression
  • inability to focus
  • anxiety and/or panic attacks
  • loss of interest

Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are many claims that consistent therapy leads to a loss of about 5 pounds in several months. Although no substantial research has been conducted of long-term results.

A health-conscious lifestyle with a proper diet and regular physical exercise will help patients continue to see positive results. This is one reason many adults choose replacement therapy to improve their situations.

HGH stimulates the liver, boosting IGF-1, leading to healthier and more active bone and tissue cells. Testosterone also improves your drive and ability to exercise, making it easier to lose weight.

When treating your deficiency, synthetic HGH or steroids are administered through various options such as:

  • injections of matching synthetics or of precursors that trigger the production of HGH or testosterone
  • patches are worn on the skin
  • oral pills and supplements

Side Effects

The downside to this treatment is typically seen when used for non-FDA-approved purposes. Performance and aging are not thoroughly studied enough to provide useful information for those looking to increase physical function for a specific activity or to reverse the natural effects of aging.

Side effects of HRT may include:

  • nerve, muscle, or joint pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • high cholesterol
  • edema or numbness of the skin

Why Use These Products?

Restoring GH or steroid levels in later adult years is shown to improve the quality of life that patients experience. During adulthood, the body produces lesser amounts of the secretions needed in our teen and young adult years.

We’re less likely to reproduce or perform manual labor, and we’ve already developed. Genetically speaking, a hormone boost is not necessary after 30. In fact, many people simply stop producing HGH and testosterone as the body’s way of saying that time has passed and they’re aging.

happy old man hg

HRT is there to assist in the many cases of people who feel that they haven’t passed their prime and would like for their bodies to maintain a steady amount of hormones. As stated, testosterone and HGH control plenty of functions pertaining to weight. Medicinal HGH and steroids are FDA approved and do not affect the body’s natural output.

The risks of taking any synthetics without proper care and instruction under a licensed endocrinologist are extreme. You are at risk of obtaining overpriced, faulty, or fake products. It is imperative to your health that you seek professional medical advice before proceeding.

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