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About Us

Combating the detrimental effects of aging has been a topic of much interest for thousands of years, if not even longer than that. While medical professionals have identified countless ways in which human bodies undergo changes as time progresses, humanity hasn’t been able to reverse, eliminate, or even mitigate most of them, at least not very effectively.

One manifestation of aging that doctors and researchers have, in fact, been able to lessen the effects of is the natural progression of hormones.

Doctors meeting at HTRGuru

Hormone replacement therapy also called testosterone therapy or HGH therapy, can reverse the undesirable effects of years of aging, having collectively made the proverbial days of millions of clients around the world.

Our clinic – HRTGuru Corp – can help fulfill your hormone therapy needs, regardless of your age, weight, gender, or preexisting medical conditions.

Here’s What We Stand Behind

The more educated patients are, the better they can understand what their bodies really need. If you truly understand the details of hormone replacement – or any medical procedure, for that matter – you effectively have control over your destiny.

Regardless of your age, at HRTGuru Corp, we believe we can both improve your life and contribute building blocks to improving your appearance.

Without falter, our medical professionals treat every single patient with high standards of compassion, professionalism, bedside manner, and overall care. We strongly feel that you, just like every patient at HRTGuru Corp deserves that – and we’ll provide it to you.

With the United State’s current income inequality gap – it’s larger than ever – we feel offering hormone replacement therapies at an affordable, reasonable price is necessary to upholding our world-class ethical and moral obligations.

Lastly, every single one of our medical professionals and administrative staff members has been trained to answer questions about anything and everything your body faces you with, including erectile dysfunction, memory loss, andropause and menopause symptoms, weight gain, and decreased libido.

Medical Team

Dr. Gregory Lindson

Dr. Gregory Lindson, MD

Specialty: Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Dr. Lindson is practicing in Florida for over 20 years and get the reputation of a high-quality specialist with a great approach to the patient. Speaks fluent in German and Spanish. Author of over 40 published in Endocrinology and Medical professional magazines articles.

University at Buffalo
Residency, Internal Medicine

University at Buffalo
Fellowship, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

University of the West Indies Faculty of Medical Sciences
Medical School

Certifications & Licensure
American Board of Internal Medicine
Certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

American Board of Internal Medicine
Certified in Internal Medicine

FL State Medical License
Active through 2020


CMS Stage 1 EHR, 2015
ASCI Member, 2014

Dr. Simeon Abernathy

Dr. Simeon Abernathy, MD

Specialty: Internal medicine

Dr. Abernathy is an internist with more than 15 years of practice in different countries. He cured many patients and always been in high demand due to his tremendous skills, distinctive approach and overall empathy. Has over 30 publications in American, French and Italian medical journals.

Education & Experience
George Washington University
Residency, Internal Medicine

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
Medical School

Certifications & Licensure
American Board of Internal Medicine
Certified in Internal Medicine

GA State Medical License
Active through 2020

CMS Stage 1 EHR, 2013

Where Are The Other Guys? Not Throughout The United States, That’s For Sure

At HRTGuru Corp, our name actually means something – we have countless locations across the entirety of the contiguous 27 states. Because we’re found here, there, and everywhere, maintaining our nationwide brand is positively correlated with success.

If our many locations, collectively sharing hundreds of employees, don’t act appropriately, our entire organization could quite literally crumble. As such, we make sure to provide all of our trusting patients with unmatched quality of care, and never make them feel like they’re not at home.

We Stand For Treatments, Medications, And Methodologies Backed By Science

As medical professionals, we’re more familiar with supplements than most Americans are, including people that regularly exercise and are strongly concerned with their health.

You’ll invariably find – and it doesn’t take much looking – other hormone replacement therapy providers that are heavy on supplements; not only that but some of our competitors resell supplements at an exorbitant premium, simply hoping to pad their pockets, rather than act in the best interests of their patients.

At HRTGuru Corp, we promise to never push any medicines, supplements, equipment, or supplements that can be purchased over the counter in most health stores and supermarkets. Rather than relying on pseudoscience and practices of medicines that aren’t approved in our modern climate of healthcare, our physicians test patients for the intimate levels of important hormones, tailoring your treatment to your exact needs.

Don’t get us wrong – if we do feel a supplement can help improve your quality of life, our physicians will certainly recommend them. However, we never sell medicines directly to patients, unlike many of our unqualified, subpar competitors.

We Have Just One Primary Goal Here At HRTGuru Corp

Ask yourself – what results do you expect to derive from hormone replacement therapy? Be clear about what you want to our experts, and we’ll get you taken care of. While every patient’s needs and conditions are unique, we do, in fact, try to achieve one thing in all of the patients’ lives that we handle.

Doctor sat HRTGuru office


What’s that, you ask? At HRTGuru Corp, our collective goal is to return your body to the hormone levels it maintained in your longer years.

In turn, benefits manifest themselves in a variety of ways, and not every patient will experience identical benefits. Based on what our physicians see from most patients undergoing hormone replacement therapy here at HRTGuru Corp, patients can typically expect to increase their bodies’ natural metabolism, melt off excess fat, thicken skin and hair, boost energy, and even boost sexual performance.

Who Do We Help At HRTGuru Corp?

We live to serve the inhabitants of planet Earth – well, the human ones, at least; in other words, HRTGuru Corp aims to provide hormone replacement therapy to both males and females.

Too many of our competitors “specialize” in helping one gender or the other. By treating both sexes, we’re equipped to treat both married and dating couples. As you might imagine, patients often report several highly positive direct effects of our hormone replacement therapy procedures, encouraging their partners to seek our services, as well.

Here’s What We Offer To Our Patients

First, one of our representatives contacts you via telephone for a consultation. Next, we send you to a blood testing laboratory nearest you – in most cases, you can even pick the laboratory you desire!

Unlike other clinics, you’re not required to undergo a physical exam at HRTGuru Corp Feel free to visit your primary care provider, any local walk-in clinic, or your favorite hospital to meet this requirement on our own time.