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HGH Therapy For Women

HGH therapy for women is quite essential to today’s woman. The stress that balancing a career, home, and kids can be quite stressful to women and may take an adverse toll on their health. As they near towards menopause, women face the risk of suffering from hormonal deficiencies. An HGH therapy could come in handy in rejuvenating the lost hormones and help them avoid the conditions associated with a hormonal deficiency.

Commonly referred to as somatotropin, the Human Growth Hormone is a protein that consists of 191 amino acids. HGH is naturally produced in the brain via the pituitary gland. It is released in small amounts into the bloodstream, and peak levels are reached while we are sleeping. Though being produced in such low amounts, HGH is responsible for our general wellbeing. This is why a good night’s sleep is advocated for so much.

hgh therapy for women

After it is secreted, the liver absorbs HGH for processing. Recently, the human growth hormone has been the subject of many studies which seek to create supplemental forms of the hormone. A deficiency of HGH in women often leads to a decrease in libido, wrinkles, muscle conversion to fat, brittle bones, mood swings, and less elastic skin. In girls, the deficiency can lead to delayed puberty, slow hair growth, and increased fat tissue.

HGH therapy indications and contraindications

Understanding when a hormonal replacement therapy could be beneficial and when it could be risky is important so that one can receive it in the safest possible way. There are certainly valid reasons as to why a woman should not supplement HGH as there are times when the therapy’s benefits outweigh the risks involved. Having a firm understanding of these HGH therapy indications and contraindications will help you make an informed decision.

The reason for this is that the menopausal symptoms that are associated with decreased HGH levels vary greatly from one woman to the next and thus affect each of them uniquely. Often, the HGH therapy indication for women begins during the perimenopause period and continues to the perimenopause period. These first signs of these indications include hot flashes and night sweats.

The HGH therapy contraindications for women are associated with women who are at risk of developing breast cancer, blood clots, heart disease, and strokes base on previous diagnoses or incidents. The doctor will assess these contraindications to determine whether a woman is viable for hormone replacement. Preventing menopausal symptoms for someone who is not in any way suffering from these symptoms is vastly different from applying the therapy to a woman who is dealing with these symptoms.

The best time to seek HGH therapy for women therefore, is when these symptoms start to have an impact on your health, productivity, and life in general.

The following contraindications are what are considered when the decision to not go through with the therapy is made:

  • Fibroids
  • History of endometrial or breast cancer.
  • Undiagnosed vaginal bleeding
  • Endometriosis
  • Severe active liver disease
  • Thromboembolic disorders
  • Hypertriglyceridemia which is associated with high triglyceride levels that are a risk factor for the coronary artery disease.

When the risk factors are mitigated, however, HGH therapy can be very beneficial to women.

Some of the benefits of HGH therapy include:

  1. Improved hormonal balance
    All hormones in the body must work together to achieve a healthy state of mind and body. When the levels of HGH are low, the sex hormones in a woman become unbalanced. This unbalanced state will cause them to have mood swings and have changes in their libido. When the HGH levels are restored, the other hormones balance out making for a functional state.
  2. Strengthening the immune system
    Restoration of HGH helps the immune system in the manufacturing of antibodies, increasing the production of T-cells which fight infections, stimulation of macrophage production to fight bacteria, and in the maturing of white blood cells.
  3. Increasing the rate of cell regeneration
    Your body is always in the process of breaking down and building cells in tissues. As you age, however, this process becomes slower and less effective thus the indications of aging. HGH helps in your longevity because it accelerates the rate of cell regeneration thus helping you feel and look younger for longer.

HGH therapy for women side effects:

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Muscle, joint and nerve pain.
  • Swelling as a result of fluid buildup in the body tissues.
  • Numbness of the skin

Again, for the therapy to be done, your physician has to check you for contraindications that might cause you to develop severe conditions in case therapy is administered. As such, if the hormonal replacement procedure’s benefits will outweigh the possible fallout, the side effects of the procedure will already have been predetermined based on the risk factors that are specific to you. The HGH therapy for women’s result is enhanced strength and endurance, decreased cholesterol levels, improved moods, and increased sex drive.

HGH treatment has for long been associated with men, particularly bodybuilders and athletes, and often in a negative light. This is not the case since clinical studies that hormone replacement therapy can be safely done to mitigate the effects of aging and a modern lifestyle. Women specifically stand to gain a lot out of these procedures because they are more prone to hormonal imbalances. Visit your physician to know if the procedure is recommendable for you.