HGH, which is an abbreviation for human growth hormone, is an essential cell component in ensuring normal development of the body. It has a molecular weight of about 22,124 daltons. The growth hormone is found in the q 22 – 24 areas of chromosome 17.

It is secreted by the pituitary gland various molecular isoforms. It is particularly essential in younger individuals because it stimulates the synthesis of bodybuilding blocks, proteins. The hormones also promote the continued metabolism of fat.

As you age, the level of this hormone in your declines. This explains why it is difficult to lose weight and enhance your muscle buildup. In adults, the HGH level is not able to convert fats to energy adequately. This low level of HGH is also not able to boost lean muscle buildup.

It, therefore, is important that you understand the various ways through which you can increase your HGH levels. You should know that the molecular form of HGH will determine the effect your body undergoes. In this article, we will review some of the effective strategies that one could use to enhance HGH production by the pituitary gland. Read on to learn more about this concept.

increase hgh

Exercising Regularly

This is one of the natural ways of boosting your body’s level of this hormone. However, this activity will be more effective if you engage in high-intensity training. You should also take breaks of about 22 to 60 seconds to give your body time to produce HGH.

Various studies have been conducted to link high-intensity exercises to the increased and healthy release of human growth hormone. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism published an article in 1992 comparing the impact that low-intensity exercises have on HGH levels as compared to those of high-intensity training. The study, which was conducted in males, showed that for the exercises to be effective, one must do them for about 10 to 22 minutes.

The positive impact of high intensity exercising on the secretion of HGH was also reviewed in the Journal of Applied Physiology. In 2007, the European Journal of Applied Physiology concluded that the results of intermittent resistance training on the production of HGH were more positive than the continuous routines.

Weightlifting programs are more effective in boosting HGH level because they have short rest breaks. Other exercises like sprinting, circuit training, and interval training have had the same effect. You can also skip rope, go rowing, or cycling for about 15 to 22 minutes.

Exercising increase hgh

High-intensity exercises that are done in intervals increase the level of lactic acid in the body. Moreover, your body undergoes a muscle breakdown that stimulates the release of HGH. This then leads to the rise in cell metabolism, which has a direct impact on the human growth hormone.

For older individuals who are looking to improve their levels of human growth hormones, exercising is the way to go. You will be losing weight as you exercise while keeping fit and promoting your wellness.

The mechanism behind the high-intensity resistant training is that your body will increase its metabolism. This leads to a continuous burning of fat. You will then gain muscle, which acts as a stimulator for HGH secretion.

Scientists argue that the more fat you have around your abdominal area, the less the secretion of human growth hormones. High-intensity training will help reduce fat accumulation in this region. As you grow older, it is essential that you watch your weight to maintain a healthy HGH level. As you exercise, therefore, you should include a healthy diet for better results.

Intermittent Fasting

As mentioned above, the amount of fat you accumulate determines the secretion of HGH. The more fat you accumulate, especially around your abdomen, the less the secretion of HGH. This leads to the need to lose weight, particularly in adults. Besides exercising, intermittent fasting has an impact on HGH levels.

The dietary approach requires you to eat for the shorter periods of the day while fasting for longer times. Intermittent fasting can be done in two varying methods. For instance, you could have an eating window of approximately 8 hours. This means that in a day, you will fast for 16 hours. The other approach dictates that you spare two days in a week where you will eat about 500 to 600 calories.

The results of intermittent fasting are pretty impressive. Based on research, three days of any of the above fasting approaches will lead to a 300 percent increase in the production of HGH. A whole week of intermittent fasting has been found to bring a rise in the secretion of HGH by up to 1,250 percent.

Intermittent fasting works in different ways to boost the release of HGH. One direct way is that it leads to a decrease in body fat

Intermittent fasting is also an effective way of reducing the insulin level in the body. We all know that eating is a natural way of boosting insulin production. If the level of insulin is high, it is likely to cut off the natural secretion of HGH.

When you eat after fasting hours each day, you should watch what you eat. This is because nutrition plays a major role in triggering natural growth. Research shows that consuming foods high in carbohydrates will significantly lower the release of HGH naturally.

Studies further indicate that including high levels of vitamin C in your diet alongside fiber will positively affect your development. Including arginine, which is an amino acid, in your diet will also work wonders. This also translates to increased consumption of proteins to enhance 20, 22, 23, and 24kDa HGH levels. These types of foods will help increase your cell metabolism, therefore, leading to the burning of more fats.

If you can’t meet the required amounts of Vitamin C, arginine, and fiber, you could opt for supplements. You will find multiple proteins, amino acid, and arginine supplements in the market for consideration. Vitamin C can be obtained from various fruits like Kiwi and oranges. Dietary fiber is also contained in fruits and vegetables.

It is easy to see that boosting HGH production in your body is all a cycle. You will need to eat right and fast for some hours for your cell metabolism to rise. The high cell metabolism will enable you to lose weight, which in turn, will stimulate HGH production.

Get Enough Sleep

Ensuring that you sleep for about 7 to 9 hours a day will help boost your growth. Research shows that more than half of the HGH in you is produced when you are asleep. To be certain, researchers investigated this claim and found out that the highest levels of HGH were experienced during the slow-wave time.

The release pattern of this hormone seems to be distracted when your bedtime routine is poor. This, therefore, would be the case if you keep waking up. You might have noticed that babies stay asleep for longer periods so that they can grow. This means that it could also be good for adults because HGH levels decline with age.

If you have insomnia or other disorders, your growth is in danger. You can get yourself supplements like melatonin to help you sleep better. Melatonin is scientifically defined as the brain component that is responsible for sleeping. Supplementing your Melatonin level would, in turn, boost the secretion of HGH during the sleep. The melatonin supplements have been found to enhance the ability of the pituitary gland to secrete HGH naturally.

sleep increase hgh

It is also imperative to identify and avoid the various factors that are bound to affect your sleeping habits. For instance, you should avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, or other beverages that contain stimulants. You should also eat foods that are high in amino acids because they will enhance your sleeping routine.

Do not install blue lights in your bedroom or have electronics that would keep you disrupted. Instead of listening to loud music, you could listen to soft music that could soothe you to sleep. You should also not eat too many hours to your sleeping time. You can get yourself an interesting book to read before bedtime and ensure that your bedroom temperatures are comfortable.

Although sleeping is great for the natural production of HGH, you should know that sleeping too much leads to increased fat accumulation. This would negatively affect the secretion of HGH, results contrary to what you intended to achieve. You, therefore, should avoid sleeping for more than 9 hours. A minimum sleeping time of approximately 7 hours will be achieved with Melatonin.

Using Supplements

If you have done all the above activities and your HGH level is still not optimal, you can consult a doctor about potential supplements. There are various oral pills in the market to take into account. However, you should know that such pills do not contain HGH. Rather, they are made with ingredients whose compounds can act as stimulators for the natural secretion of HGH.

Injections are the most efficient way of boosting your HGH. However, the use of injections is quite artificial. Most doctors encourage the use of pills instead because they are the most natural supplements.

There are also topical creams that manufacturers claim contain HGH. You, however, should know that most users argue that such creams are mostly a scam and do not work like the other supplements. This is not only due to their low efficacy, but also because topical application causes their quality to deteriorate.

If you decide to use supplements, you should take caution so that your body does not get used to them. If this happens, you will rely on these supplements and compromise the natural secretion of HGH.

Protein and amino acid supplements have also been found to boost the production of HGH because they increase your cell metabolism and reduce the accumulation of fats.  The HGH supplement you opt for will not indicate its molecular form.

supplements increase hgh

Is your HGH level low? It is important that you keep track of this information since HGH is essential for normal development. There are various isoforms of HGH in your body whose effects vary. Undertaking intense training has been found to produce positive results in the natural secretion of this hormone. Using this strategy will also help you increase lean muscle, cell health, lose weight, and keep fit. Sleeping adequately and maintaining a healthy diet are also effective ways to increase your body’s HGH level naturally. The diet should be high in proteins and amino acids. These activities are great because they promote wellness and allow you to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Adopting an efficient fasting approach like reducing your calorie intake and eliminating snacks in between meals also improves your ability to release the human growth hormone naturally. Although oral supplements, injections, and topical creams can help, their use is not recommended because they may affect the natural process and derail the release of HGH naturally in the end.

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