There is a high chance that testosterone will make your voice deepen because it lowers the cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone and it can be harmful to your body at high levels. When you are stressed and cortisol levels are high, your voice can become high pitched because you can’t properly focus on your breathing.

Testosterone is a hormone produced by both the male and female human. In a man, testosterone is produced in the testes while in a woman, testosterone is produced in the ovaries. Even though the hormone is present in both sexes, a man produces more testosterone than a woman. For this reason, it’s known as the male hormone.

An interesting fact is that low testosterone levels in a male are often linked to infertility while the opposite is true for a female – she is more likely to be infertile if her testosterone levels are high. Luckily there’s a way to alter the hormone levels in a male and female. The process is known as testosterone therapy.

Testosterone Therapy

There are some people that take testosterone supplements or injections for medical reasons: for example, the reversal of hypogonadism or to help a transgender male with their transition.

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Others go through testosterone therapy for non-medical motivations. For example, a bodybuilder can take testosterone injections to improve his or her endurance and performance. The testosterone helps the male and female bodybuilder tolerate the pain when it comes to lifting weights. The result of this therapy is that those working out can lift more and for longer. Thus, leading to fast muscle gains. In another example, the therapy can also result in weight loss because the male or female taking the supplement becomes more active.

Despite the positive result associated with testosterone therapy, there is also a bad side. The male bodybuilders that use testosterone supplements are more likely to show aggressive behavior. The therapy can make a male or female more violent towards one another.

Since testosterone therapy leads to a decrease in serum T levels, it can result in heart diseases or strokes. Another example of a negative side effect for a woman is a deep voice.

Why Would a Woman Go for this Therapy?

Gender is what a human being believes in. This saying applies to the human born with the genitalia of one sex, but he or she believes that they belong to the other gender. Therapy helps those confused about their gender deal with transitional changes.

A woman would rather go through this therapy and deepen her voice if she is transitioning to become a man. She goes through all the risks linked to this therapy because she believes in her ultimate objective. Another reason why a woman would risk it all with this therapy is that she wants to develop other manly traits, such as having more hair, rougher skin, and a more masculine body.


Taking testosterone will definitely deepen the male or female voice. However, for the male, the change in voice is not very recognizable since most men undergo significant changes in their teenage years. Past the age of 18, a man’s voice doesn’t deepen that much, regardless of whether or not they take testosterone. The therapy associated with testosterone intake mostly helps those women interested in transitioning to become men deepen their voices.

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