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What is Testosterone Enanthate might be a question most people may be asking themselves if it is their first time to come across it. This is a white crystalline ester that is used mostly in the treatment of eunuchism, oligospermia, symptoms of andropause, androgen deficiency after castration, and eunuchoidism. In simpler terms, it is used as a hormone replacement therapy. It is usually administered to patients, who are usually adults, through injections.

The use of the treatment has gained popularity over the last few years due to its effectiveness. As a result, many clinics that offer product and services related to it have been opened across the globe. This article offers a clarified understanding of Testosterone Enanthate by explaining who should use this treatment, how it works, how it is supplied, how it benefits users, and whether one needs a prescription for it.

Benefits of the Hormonal Replacement Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate injections have numerous uses in the human body and they have been used to treat diseases and also correct hormonal imbalance. Explained below are some of their benefits.

  • Breast Cancer Treatment
    Cancer has become the standard term. This is because more and more people across the globe are suffering from it. The industrialization has brought about changes in the food people eat and the surrounding environment. It has brought about lifestyle changes, which have been blamed for the cancer epidemic. The most common type of cancer amongst females is that of the breast. Awareness has been and continues to be created to help females identify the symptoms early for its treatment to be effective.
    The use of testosterone in hormonal therapy (HRT) to treat breast cancer was quite common about forty or so years ago, but doctors abandoned it in favor of new alternatives. The method has, however, has been re-introduced due to initial reports that show it had favorable therapeutic results. Advanced technology is being used this time round to improve the treatment, and the outcome has been positive so far.
  • Treat Low Testosterone Levels
    Low levels of testosterone usually go hand in hand with low muscle strength. This often occurs in older men whose strength reduces over time due to age-related factors. The problem has been there for quite some time and has also gone untreated because most men did not know that its treatment existed or doubted this method.
    Hormonal therapy by the use of testosterone enanthate has proved to increase levels of testosterone in men. In turn, this has also improved libido, muscle mass bone density, body composition, and sexual function. It helps to a great extent to boost confidence in men and thus, improve quality of life.

How the Medication Works

The treatment is customarily administered directly into the system through injections. It must be done by a professional as they will know where to inject. Different sections of the body have varying sensitivity levels. A doctor will inject this medicine at the least sensitive area to prevent making the procedure a painful one for the patient.

Once administered into the body, its impact is mediated by gene transcription. It usually works by increasing testosterone production in the body. The increase then treats various conditions that may have risen due to a decrease in testosterone levels.

Who Should Use the Medicine

Due to its effects on hormones, this medication is not suitable for everyone. Consulting a doctor before using Testosterone Enanthate is advisable because if a person has a particular condition or is under specific drugs, then they should not take it.

Some of the things to let your doctor know while consulting them whether to take this hormonal therapy medicine include:

  • In case you have health issues such as liver, kidney, or heart disease. These organs are some of the most sensitive ones in a human being, and if one is under treatment, a boost of testosterone levels may affect the workability of the medication being taken. The results could be adverse, and this is a risk no one should take.
  • Consulting a doctor will require you to take a couple of tests to determine whether you should take this medication or not. For ladies, a pregnancy test is a must. If it comes back positive, then you cannot take the hormonal therapy drug as it may interfere with the proper development of the fetus. Breastfeeding women are also advised not to this medicine.
  • Letting a specialist know whether you have any allergies is essential too. He or she will know whether the hormonal imbalance treatment will adversely affect you or not. Allergies to drugs should also be made known to the specialist.

The Right Dosage

There is no specific dosage of testosterone enanthate that should be administered to people. The amount injected greatly depends on its intended purpose of use, needs, desires, and experience. For example, the more an individual’s experience with this type of treatment, the higher the dosage they receive.

When it comes to treatment of conditions like breast cancer and low levels of testosterone, the amount given to a patient depends on how long they have been on the medication or the stage of their illness. If it is a patient’s first time to use this medicine, a specialist is most likely to administer a small dosage and keep the patient under observation to see the results. The amount will then increase gradually, depending on an individual’s response.

Injections should be taken on a regular basis to realize its benefits. The usual number of times that people go for these injections is twice a week. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure there is a clinic near you that offers these services before committing yourself to hormonal therapy.


This type of hormonal therapy has been used for quite some time now and its results have been positive. That is why many people are now trying it. Carrying out extensive research before deciding on the treatment is advisable. It helps one to prepare themselves mentally for the changes that will take place once the therapy commences. Selecting the clinic where to get the treatment is also an important decision that should be made after careful consideration.


Although testosterone is often associated with the males, its benefits apply to both men and women. However, some people especially those who are above 30 years can produce less testosterone. When this happens, testosterone enanthate can be prescribed to create a hormonal balance. Testosterone enanthate is one of the most sought-after forms of testosterone because of its many benefits.

Long-term and short-term benefits

Long term and short term testosterone enanthate benefits can vary from one person to another depending on the condition that a person has, the dose taken and duration of use. Here are some benefits to expect:

  • Development of secondary characteristics.
  • Plays a role in preventing osteoporosis, but for long term benefits, continuous usage is required.
  • Can help boost sexual drive by reducing erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Its short term benefits can act as a birth control method for men. Regular use of this hormone reduces sperm production, a condition that is reversible when you stop using the hormone therapy drug.
  • If a woman has vaginal symptoms that are unrelated to menopause, then she can take a hormonal therapy that contains estrogen. Using hormonal replacement therapy as a short-term treatment of menopause can help eradicate its symptoms. Some women will need the long-term treatment for continued symptom relief.

Testosterone enanthate benefits for men

When most men reach their thirties, they start having a decline in the production of testosterone. Testosterone enanthate benefits work to increase libido, sexual functions, keep you in a better mood for sex and improves overall body function. Here are more testosterone enanthate benefits for men:

  • Controls and reduces body fat.
  • Improve blood sugar regulation which decreases the chance of having diabetes.
  • Sustains muscle strength and mass.
  • Improves brain function.
  • Improve bone density.
  • Helps the body repair and recover after an intense workout.

Testosterone enanthate benefits for women

Women need a certain level of testosterone for optimal health, especially during menopause. Various testosterone enanthate benefits for women are:

  • Increases bones ability to retain calcium which results in the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Strengthens muscle tone like pelvic muscles.
  • Stimulate metabolism and boost energy production.
  • Reduce deposit of adipose fat.
  • Enhances sexual desire and sexual drive which was low because of a decrease in testosterone levels.
  • Promotes optimal function of mental health to ensure positive self-perception and fewer mood swings.

Testosterone Enanthate benefits work for both men and women. Adults who want to start using this Testosterone replacement therapy should first discuss with their doctor.

Side Effects

First, we’re going to be going over testosterone enanthate side effects for women. Because testosterone enanthate is a male sex hormone, it starts giving women male characteristics. Long term side effects for women include menstrual period changes, male-pattern hair growth (facial hair), male pattern baldness, and an enlarged clitoris. Short term effects for women include increased sexual desire, nausea, acne, and depression. These are just some of the many short term side effects.

Side effects for men

Testosterone Enanthate Side Effects for men are both long term and short term. Long term side effects include breast swelling, redness of upper body, trouble sleeping, and the inability to have an erection. You’ll also have an increased risk of developing prostate cancer. Some short term effects include mood changes, aggressiveness, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Prolonged use of the drug can also increase the risk of developing liver disease and an irregular heartbeat.

Overall, there is a tremendous amount of benefits Testosterone Enanthate can provide to people with naturally low levels of testosterone. However, it’s good to know the Testosterone Enanthate Side Effects that are a direct result of its use, both short term and longer term. In the end, it’s best to talk to a doctor before testing with drugs like these. They can be life changing and can carry devastating side effects if not used properly.


Testosterone Enanthate is found in small vials filled with clear to brownish tinged vials. Testosterone Enanthate injections are normally taken intermuscular as prescribed. Testosterone Enanthate is a hormone used for the treatment of several medical issues, as prescribed by doctors. This form of testosterone is known for being a longer lasting treatment than others. It is most commonly used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in men but can be used for other conditions as prescribed by a doctor.

Testosterone Enanthate is suspended in sesame oil, and in lipids, testosterone has shown to take much longer to be absorbed into the body, thus a longer time between Testosterone Enanthate administration.

How to use:

When prescribed Testosterone Enanthate, it is important to follow the doctor’s indications. First, inspect the vial. If the liquid inside seems cloudy, do not take. If there is a slight precipitate at the bottom of the vial, roll the glass vial between your hands to slightly warm the liquid. When the precipitate has dissolved back into the liquid, the Testosterone Enanthate is ready. Carefully break the glass top off of the vial, and load the syringe with the required dosage. If the liquid becomes cloudy during loading the syringe needle, it is more then likely because of a wet needle and can still be used. When the syringe is full, expel any air bubbles and double check the dosage amount. Then the Testosterone Enanthate can be injected into the muscle, usually the butt. Following the above instructions make for the least complicated Testosterone Enanthate injections.

In general, Testosterone Enanthate injections should not be used by pregnant women or by geriatric patients. Testosterone Enanthate can cause problems with developing fetuses. Testosterone Enanthate has also not been studied in patients over 65 years old. Always follow the doctor’s indications.


Check with your doctor for the correct dosage amount and frequency for Testosterone Enanthate administration.

Testosterone Enanthate storage

Testosterone Enanthate should be stored at room temperature, in a dry and dark place. Do not use after expiration. Ask your doctor if Testosterone Enanthate is the correct medicine for your ailments today.

How To Buy

When the body cannot produce enough testosterone, there may be a need to supplement it through replacement therapy. This can be in the form of Testosterone Enanthate injections. The condition is called hypogonadism it may be as a result of a problem with the pituitary gland or the testicles that control the production of the hormone. When enough testosterone is not produced, the body does not function properly.

Testosterone may help keep one younger, maintain bone mass, improve sex drive and the amount of sperm produced. It also helps in the growth of body hair and the production of red blood cells. The hormone is also responsible for maintaining healthy and strong muscles and in the distribution of fat in the body. When tests are done, and it is confirmed that the body is producing less testosterone, getting a regular HRT is essential.

Where Do You Get Reputable Sources

The question of how to buy Testosterone Enanthate is one that most people who want to get Testosterone Enanthate online ask. There are many online dealers but finding out the genuine ones is the issue. Many illegitimate sites scam buyers. They may not send the prescription, and if they do, it is not safe. You may end up using harmful substances thinking that they are the hormone which can result in more problems.

Doctors can refer you to some of the sites that offer Testosterone Enanthate for sale. If not, you might know of friends who might be using the hormone or they may know someone. Online reviews are also very helpful. Nowadays, it is easy to fetch all the information you need about an online retailer. You can Google the reviews. Be careful because some of the sites may post many positive reviews about their products just to entice customers. However, it is always easy to know genuine reviews because they are more detailed.

Also, it is essential to inspect the shipping you receive. It should not seem like it was tampered with. Check the expiry date as well. The substance should be clear and not smoky. When cloudy, it may indicate that it is not pure or it has expired. Genuine sellers have legit sites and locations they can be traced to. They also take the time to assure their clients of their authenticity. They are also transparent in all their dealings and are ready to solve any issues amicably.

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    If anyone is thinking of starting on Testosterone Enanthate from their doctor, charge full-steam ahead! Taking testosterone has taken my masculinity and performance to a whole new level. I wouldn’t be half as successful as I am today without taking this product. My doctor saved my life!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been taking testosterone since I was 30 as I had heard a lot about how testosterone levels peak at 20 and decline slowly each year after that and one of the best ways to preserve your youth was to maintain normal levels of testosterone in the body. When I started, my levels were slightly below normal (250), but now stay anywhere between 300-400 consistently. I have tried many different kinds of testosterone over the years (gels, caps, & injections), but really like enanthate for its effectiveness and proven low probabilities of experiencing any side effects. Now, I only get one injection once a week and am able to maintain the levels I mentioned above. Great stuff!

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    When the doctor said I had low T, I was shocked. I thought can women have such a thing as low testosterone? My doctor said it was probably due to taking birth control pills for so many years. Anyway, I a cycle of enanthate was prescribed for me which I took and I am happy to say that my testosterone levels have returned to normal. At least “normal” for a postmenopausal woman. Another great benefit that I saw after beginning my HRT program is that I have lost over 10 pounds. Later I found out that having too little testosterone in the body can lead to weight gain, especially in women.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5


    Have very positive results from this testosterone.

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