Humatrope is a prescription medication that contains recombinant human growth hormone (HGH). You may find its full prescribing information difficult to read, so here you will discover everything you should know in a clear and understandable way.

Since 1987, the product has been produced by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the US, called Elly Lilly, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Currently, Humatrope is one of the best HGH products on the market. Therefore, it is one of the most commonly prescribed HGH products and it’s sold in licensed pharmacies all over the world.

In the US, it is approved by the FDA for the treatment of several conditions including growth hormone deficiency (GHD). You can purchase Humatrope only after obtaining a legal HGH prescription from your medical doctor.

Get Legal Humatrope Injections

Humatrope is a safe and effective treatment for adults with growth hormone deficiency. Get your prescribed Humatrope vial or HumatroPen.

What is Humatrope prescribed for?

Multiple studies with Humatrope guarantee its safety and tolerability in both children and adults for the treatment of GHD. Its quality is strictly regulated by the FDA.

The indications for Humatrope therapy in children include growth failure and short stature caused by GHD, genetic disorders, or idiopathic conditions.

In adults, the main indication for therapy with Humatrope is GHD which can be either present since childhood or acquired during adulthood.

Humatrope is supplied as a white powder, either in vials or in cartridges

Humatrope injections contain a man-made growth hormone that is indistinguishable from the one naturally produced by the pituitary gland.

When injected, the medication works by restoring the HGH levels in the body to normal references. Thus, the therapy ensures normal growth stimulus in children and attenuates the symptoms of GHD in adults.

How to use Humatrope

You should always take Humatrope as prescribed by your medical doctor. An experienced physician should guide you through the process and provide medical supervision.

Forms of Humatrope (vial and cartridge)

The Humatrope Vial comes in a kit containing 2 vials – one with HGH and one with sterile diluent. The HGH powder and the diluent for the reconstitution are supplied in separate vials. Therefore, you must reconstitute the medication manually, using a regular syringe.

The vial contains 5mg of Humatrope and must be reconstituted by adding 1.5-5 ml of the diluent. When injecting the reconstituted solution, you have to use a regular syringe and a needle for subcutaneous injections.

The Humatrope Cartridge comes in a kit containing one cartridge and one prefilled syringe with a diluent. Humatrope cartridges must be reconstituted using the diluent syringe.

In order to use the reconstituted cartridge, you will have to load it in an auto-injector device called HumatroPen.

Once the device is loaded, you can use the same pen multiple times until the cartridge is empty or expired. Afterward, it must be replaced.

Note that the cartridges come in 3 different strengths which contain either 6, 12, or 24 mg of HGH. They can be used only with the corresponding type of HumatroPen.

Dosage Guide

The standard HGH therapy with Humatrope requires daily injections. There are 2 methods for dosing the medication – weight-based and non-weight-based approaches.

Weight-based and non-weight-based methods of dosing Humatrope

The weight-based method requires calculating the dose per kilogram of bodyweight (kgBW).

According to studies, the approach is not recommended for obese patients, since there is a higher risk for excessive dosing. When using this method, the recommended starting dose is 0.006 mg/kgBW, and the maximum is 0.0125 mg/kgBW.

The non-weight-based method involves a standard starting dose of approximately 0.2 mg/day.

Afterward, your doctor will monitor your response to the therapy on a monthly basis and increase the dose every 1-2 months by an extra 0.1-0.2mg/day until you reach maintenance.

The exact maintenance dose depends on multiple factors and it will vary a lot between individuals. They include the effect on your symptoms, the presence of side effects, and your IGF-1 levels.

If you miss a single dose you shouldn’t try to compensate for it. Instead, continue taking Humatrope as prescribed by your doctor. If you miss several doses, make sure to consult with your doctor.

If you have taken too much Humatrope at once, contact your doctor or another healthcare provider. Overdosing may lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), followed by a spike in blood sugar levels.

How to Mix

The Humatrope vial must be reconstituted with the sterile diluent that’s provided in the kit. Alternatively, it can be mixed with sterile water if you are allergic to any of the preservatives.

Here is a short step-by-step guide on the process:

  • Disinfect the stoppers of the vials
  • Use a separate needle for reconstitution
  • Insert some air into the vial with the diluent
  • Turn the vial upside down while the needle is inside. Make sure the tip is in the liquid.
  • Withdraw the liquid from the vial with the diluent
  • Inject it inside the vial with HGH powder by aiming the stream against the vial wall.
  • You may gently swirl the vial until the powder dissolves. However, avoid shaking or forceful tapping as it may inactivate the medication.
  • The solution must be clear. If it’s turbid, cloudy or there are particles then discard it.

Make sure to write down the date at which you reconstituted the medication.

After reconstitution with the diluent for Humatrope, the liquid should be refrigerated and used within 14 days. Any expired products should be discarded.

How and where to inject

HGH is a peptide hormone that can’t be absorbed effectively through oral or subcutaneous administration. Therefore, all medications containing growth hormone, including Humatrope, must be injected to be effective.

Take HumatroPen out of the fridge at least for 10 minutes before injecting

Humatrope must be injected subcutaneously (under the skin). According to studies, the release of the medication following the method mimics the natural HGH production more closely compared to intramuscular or intravenous injections.

If you will use HumaproPen instead of a regular syringe, you should first reconstitute the cartridge with the diluent syringe provided in the cartridge kit.

How to inject Humatrope

Afterward, you have to attach it to the HumaproPen. Once prepared, all you have to do is turn the dose knob to the prescribed dose. Then insert the needle at a 90° angle and push the plunger for 5 secs.

Humatrope can be injected subcutaneously in the abdominal area, upper thighs, upper outer buttocks, and the back of the upper arm.

Make sure to switch your injection sites frequently, since there is a risk for atrophy of the subcutaneous fat (lipoatrophy) in the injection spot after repeated use.

How to store Humatrope

Humatrope vials, loaded pens, or cartridges should be stored in a refrigerator before and after reconstitution. The optimal temperature is 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C).

Cartridges can be refrigerated and used within 28 days. On the other hand, vials reconstituted with the diluent provided by Humatrope expire after 14 days of refrigeration.

If the vial is reconstituted with sterile water, then it can be stored for no more than 24 hours.

Do not leave the Humatrope vial, pen, or cartridge out of the refrigerator for more than 30 minutes a day.

Furthermore, make sure that the medication is always protected from heat, direct sunlight, or freezing, as it may become ineffective.

Traveling with Humatrope

You can travel with Humatrope across the US and abroad, as long as you have done some planning and preparation ahead.

How to travel with Humatrope

Calculate how many doses you will need for the whole duration of your trip. It’s paramount to take enough of the medication with you.

Humatrope has strict storage requirements, so pack it in a portable refrigerator or a cooler bag. It shouldn’t be stored directly on any ice packs to avoid freezing.

Also, you may need the Humatrope prescription label and a signed letter from your doctor to inform staff who can check your luggage that you are carrying a prescription medication.

What are the effects of Humatrope?

Humatrope contains HGH which is effective in alleviating all symptoms of GHD, including:

  • Abdominal fat gain
  • Muscle wasting
  • Lack of energy
  • Depression
  • Sleep problems
  • High cholesterol
  • Osteoporosis

Generally, it takes 4-8 weeks for the first benefits of HGH therapy to occur

According to studies, 6 months of Humatrope therapy lead to an average increase in lean body mass by 2.5kg and a decrease in body fat by more than 3kg. Tests also reveal increased levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

Furthermore, longer trials report an increase in bone mineral content.

Precautions and adverse reaction

Unfortunately, HGH therapy is not free of contraindications and side effects.

Contraindications against Humatrope therapy in adults include:

  • Acute critical illness (incl. surgery)
  • Active oncological condition
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Hypersensitivity to HGH medications

Common adverse reactions reported in adults include headache, joint pain, muscle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral edema, thyroid problems, high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and allergic reactions.

These side effects are dose-dependent and usually, they can be managed or avoided by reducing the dose of Humatrope.

Since Humatrope contains HGH which is naturally produced in the body, there aren’t any serious drug interactions.

However, HGH therapy may interact with the effectiveness of other hormonal therapies such as:

  • Corticosteroid therapy
  • Insulin therapy
  • Estrogen therapy

In the case of combined hormonal therapy, your doctor must adjust the dose of both medications accordingly to maximize their effectiveness.

How to tell if Humatrope is fake or real?

Humatrope is one of the most commonly faked HGH products. The only way to be certain that your Humatrope is genuine is to purchase it from a licensed pharmacy that requires a medical prescription.

Keep in mind that certain licensed pharmacies may sell HGH products online, which is legal as long as they are requesting a prescription before the purchase.

However, any websites that do not require a prescription or offer a prescription online are likely selling fake products.

When purchasing Humatrope, make sure that the packaging and all the contents have the same serial number and expiration date.

Furthermore, genuine Humatrope has a single black tab with the serial and batch numbers on the box.

On the other hand, counterfeit products have while tabs, multiple tabs, or several products have identical batch numbers.

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