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Testosterone For Women

Testosterone is a hormone that is commonly found in a class called androgens. Although it is mostly related to men, women also produce this hormone through their adrenal glands and ovaries. These organs control the level of testosterone produced in a woman. In fact, the ovaries continue to produce testosterone even after they reach the menopause stage. This means that, if a woman gets her ovaries removed, she will suffer from low testosterone levels, which might increase the risks associated with such a situation. This is because the ovaries play a part in the level of testosterone produced in a woman.

These small quantities of testosterone get released into the bloodstream and together with estrogen, they carry out various functions. The two are known as sex hormones that help in many ways apart from just boosting the woman’s libido. Note that the level of testosterone in women is at its peak when she is in her 20s. Testosterone for women is very important due to its many functions.
testosterone function in women

Testosterone Functions in a Woman’s Body

The roles played by the hormone include strengthening bones and developing lean muscle mass and strength. It is also responsible for your overall well-being and improving energy levels. The hormone’s primary function in women is enhancing their sex drive by making their nipples and clitoris more sensitive for more pleasure. It is not only the mood that gets heightened. As a woman, testosterone affects your sexual experiences.

Testosterone also helps produce new blood cells and has a big role in controlling the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) that influences reproduction. Unfortunately, as you age, the levels of this hormone continue to reduce. By the time a woman is 40 years old, the level of testosterone hormone will have reduced by half.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women

  • Dampened Mood
    Changes in moods and depression are some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels in ladies. This is because this important hormone controls more than sex drive; it works to stabilize your moods and increase your mental strength. Low levels of androgens can lead to low motivation in women, leaving you moody, which could eventually lead to depression. It is very easy to misdiagnose these symptoms and treat them with antidepressants. However, hormone replacement therapy is the best remedy as it will not leave you with unpleasant side effects.
  • Lethargy
    When the testosterone levels in females go down, they will experience low levels of energy. You will even find it hard to step out of bed, and the fatigue will be present the entire day. Even the tiniest of chores will feel like hard work, leaving you feeling drained and quite exhausted. Your usual job will appear more stressful and you will not enjoy any fun activities.
    Not even sleep will help you get rid of fatigue, so sleeping for hours on end will not help the situation. You, however, need to consult a doctor as many medical conditions can cause lethargy. Let your physician do a test to determine whether it is the testosterone that is causing this extreme fatigue.
  • Disrupted Sleep
    When a woman has low levels of testosterone, their sleeping patterns get disrupted, leading to bouts of insomnia, night sleep disturbances, sleep apnea, and occasional sleepwalking. Sleep apnea is the worst of these symptoms as it could lead to cardiac problems over a period. That is why it is essential to contact your doctor if you experience abnormal sleep habits that last more than four weeks.
    Low testosterone leads to a hormonal imbalance in women and messes with the brain chemicals that encourage good sleep.
  • Weight Gain
    When a woman’s level of testosterone goes down, she may start experiencing loss of muscle tissue and unexplained, sudden weight gain, especially around the waist. It is believed that low testosterone levels in ladies are the principal causes of midlife weight increases.
    This sudden weight gain will be accompanied by other physiology changes. Most of the fat deposits that were sitting comfortably on your hips and buttocks will shift to your abdominal area. Bone density also changes, leading to noticeable variations in the whole body. These symptoms start to show when you hit 30 years, and although you might dismiss it as a natural change. What most women don’t know is that these symptoms are treatable and even reversible.

Low testosterone diagnosis


Diagnosis of Low Testosterone Hormone

It is difficult to detect low levels of testosterone as female hormone levels keep on changing day in day out. A doctor will take a blood test that will help determine whether your testosterone levels are low. If the tests show a level that is below 25 ng/dL for a woman who is less than 50, her testosterone level is low. For those over 50 years, their levels are considered low if the test results are less than 20 ng/dL. You should take the test 8-20 days after your periods if you are still menstruating.

Causes Low Testosterone Levels in Women

Sometimes, it is caused by genetics since ovaries produce this hormone. You could also be lacking the enzymes that are responsible for turning DHEA and DHEA-S to testosterone. There are other causes of low testosterone in women, which include:

  • Taking an oral estrogen therapy
  • Menopause
  • Hypopituitarism
  • Insufficient adrenal glands performance
  • Removal of ovaries through surgery

Low Testosterone Treatments

Undergoing a testosterone hormone therapy for women could increase sex drive, muscle mass & tone, as well as improved brain performance. This is because when this hormone is low, it leaves women with mental confusion, excessive weight, and low muscle mass. Hormone therapy will help in achieving optimal testosterone levels for women. It is the best option to help increase testosterone levels in females.

For your entire body to be in harmony, you need a balanced level of hormones, especially testosterone

If you continue with low testosterone symptoms untreated for long, it could be dangerous for your health. That is why it is advisable to undergo hormone therapy to correct this disorder. Your brain will require healthy levels of testosterone and estrogen to balance your moods, the lack of which could lead to mental and emotional instabilities. This often leaves a woman feeling more restless and stressed.

Hormone therapy will help you prevent muscle and bone problems like osteoporosis, muscle reduction, and muscle and joint pains. It will do this by balancing the testosterone levels in women. Also, it will help increase testosterone levels.

On the other hand, high testosterone for women levels also come with problems such as:

  • Increased acne
  • Facial hairs
  • Increased fluid retention
  • Developing masculine characteristics like loss of hair and a deep voice