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HGH Prescription

The hormones in the human body are crucial in controlling various body functions, including growth and development, sexual response, metabolism, mood, and reproduction. HGH is one of the most important hormones on the human body due to its influence on the muscles, bone makeup and physical characteristics like height. According to the Better Health Channel, HGH is produced naturally by the pituitary gland or the master gland. HGH prescription can be ordered by a doctor for various purposes, including hormone replacement in men and women, weight loss enhancement, laser skin rejuvenation solution, and IV and cell HGH therapies. The therapies are mostly focused on cell reproduction, regeneration, and growth.

doctor giving HGH prescription

The doctor can introduce HGH into the body through Intramuscular and Subcutaneous injections. Some studies suggest an HGH prescription can enhance the look and quality of the skin, which can, in turn, slow down the aging process. The hormone has also been shown to promote weight loss and speed healing and repair of muscle tissue after undertaking an extraneous exercise. Workout generally enhances fat burn-up, muscle mass build-up and metabolism. It is noticeable that the human muscular cell-growth typically stops during puberty. A growing number of patients are going online to buy HGH prescription. To obtain, HGH prescription online, patients need to see a physician in order to undergo a medical examination, which may include a blood test.

The physician may also request a patient’s medical history before approving an online prescription. The hormone can be ordered online with the approval of medical specialists, such as an expert in hormone replacement therapy or board-certified physicians, who specialize in family medicine, anti-aging and regenerative medicines. The cost of HGH therapy and online prescription largely depends on the treatment regimen and where the prescription is bought. The HGH therapy ordered from clinic or online can cost anything from a few $100 to $1,000 of dollars. Because of high cost, ordering HGH online from a supplier is highly recommended because it is cost-efficient and saves time.

How the Human Growth Hormone Works

Studies have shown that growth hormone can help maintain, build and repair various body tissues and organs. According to an excerpt on the Healthline, when HGH is released into the body, it stimulates the all-important cellular metabolic process, causing the liver to produce an insulin-like protein that produces cartilage cells. The end substance plays an important role in the protein synthesis and growth of organs and bone cells. HGH can also be made synthetically as a prescription supplement for treatment. The benefits of synthetic HGH prescription and treatment span far and wide. Like the naturally produced HGH, Synthetic HGH prescription can be ordered to treat stunted or poor growth in children and short bowel syndrome and muscle loss in adults with HIV and AIDS.Doctor describes how hgh works

A physician may also recommend growth hormone or HGH injections through an online prescription in people suffering from HGH deficiency so as to reduce body fat, increase the intensity of the workout, build muscle mass and boost bone density. This is the reason why some athletes illegally use HGH to boost their athletic ability. There are also situations where athletes combine HGH prescription with anabolic steroids to enhance performance. Although HGH studies have been on for over 100 years, a WebMD report that synthetic HGH was first developed in 1985 to compliment the naturally made HGH. However, some common uses of HGH are yet to be approved by the FDA. Lack of growth is a serious condition that can lead to several complications and illnesses in humans such as:

  • Turner syndrome
  • Chronic kidney disorder
  • Muscle wasting disease
  • The Noonan syndrome
  • Prader-Willi syndrome

Turner’s syndrome is a genetic disorder that restricts growth and development in the girl child. Women who grow up with this condition often have underdeveloped characteristics. The short bowel syndrome, which afflicts adults usually, arises when the nutrients in the body are poorly absorbed as a result of surgical removal of a portion of the small intestine or the presence of severe intestinal disease. Doctors are keenly researching how HGH deficiency is affecting low birth weight in children and HGH insufficiency. A lot of materials, including research on these illnesses, are available online and journals of medicine.

Weight Loss

A growing number of obese, young adults are turning to online platforms and hormone specialists to get HGH prescription, to help them enhance weight loss. HGH can accelerate the breakdown of lipids through the process of hydrolysis, where triglycerides are turned into glycerol and fatty acids. The weight loss is enhanced by the therapeutic role played by a doctor approved HGH prescription. Numerous clinical studies and online surveys have been performed to understand how HGH affects the body and aid weight loss. The effectiveness of HGH therapy depends on a number of factors, including duration use and the subject’s level of fitness. Most HGH users can expect results after only a few weeks of use, up until 4 to 6 months.

In 2011, The Doctor OZ Show reported about one of the largest HGH studies assessing the impact of HGH on weight loss. The study demonstrated that controlled, long-term HGH prescription resulted in 5 lbs weight loss, 5.6 lbs fat loss and consequently, a lean body mass increment of 3 lbs. The clinical study published online revealed that an effective HGH could replace a strict diet regimen, making it possible for a person to lose weight naturally without cutting on the food intake. The subjects who took the HGH generally felt better based on their quality of life scores. Additional studies on the effectiveness of HGH prescription on weight loss are ongoing.

In other HGH studies available online at NCBI, the Growth Hormone was shown to have the capacity to decrease fat by inhibiting lipoprotein lipase, which improves dyslipidemia while enhancing lipolysis. A study conducted in 2000 by Doctor Nyberg indicated that an HGH was responsible for enhancing alertness, work capacity, memory, and cognitive function. Regarding the heart, HGH prescription has been shown to aid cardiac contractility and output. In a 1999 study appearing online, HGH improved the cardiac function in subjects with myocardial infarction by promoting tissue remodeling. HGH prescription was also shown to boost the formation and strengthening of cortical bone, which effectively reversed onset osteoporosis.

The Side Effects of Taking HGH

There are several risks and side effects associated with HGH injection and prescription. According to Medicinewstoday, the side effects of taking prescription HGH range from mild to severe symptoms such as headaches, muscle aches, glucose intolerance, pain in the joints and swelling of the feet and hands. Patients with these symptoms are strongly advised to consult a physician before taking the hormone. This is important because the HGH has to be tested for its effectiveness and side effects. As a cautionary measure, the doctor may advise people with cancer, injuries, serious illness and severe breathing problems to avoid HGH.

The use of the hormone can also affect the way the body uses insulin. For this reason, people with diabetes must keenly check their blood sugar level. For general safety, the physician will only order HGH prescription to treat growth hormone deficiency after analyzing the patient’s age, expectations, the extent of the condition and the patient’s drug tolerance level. The physician may also request for the patient’s health and medical history before giving HGH prescription and treatment. Individual choice is also an import factor because of the high cost of treatment and prescription as well as the need to understand how the healing impacts the body function and hormone balance.