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7 Major Benefits of HGH Therapy for Adults

The human growth hormone (HGH) plays an important role in the health of adults – it regulates metabolism, cell division and even mood.

Because of its anabolic and proliferative effects, many also believe that growth hormone is a way to turn back the clock on aging and restore a youthful appearance.

In reality, HGH is not an effective anti-aging medication, but there are specific medical conditions that can benefit the most from the therapy.

Thus, legal HGH therapy has specific medical indications for adults, including growth hormone deficiency (GHD), muscle wasting due to AIDS/HIV, and short-bowel syndrome (SBS).

In this article, you will discover all about the evidence-based benefits of HGH therapy and how it can help manage various health problems.

Scientifically-based benefits of HGH

HGH is a prescription medication that has numerous benefits for adults with GHD, as the therapy can help alleviate all symptoms of the condition.

Most significant HGH benefits for adultsBenefits include increased fat loss, especially around the waist, gaining lean mass, higher energy levels, improved sleep, better mood, improved cardiovascular health, and more.

Ultimately, long-term HGH therapy can lead to improved quality of life in patients with GHD. Apart from GHD, HGH therapy can also be used in the short term to reduce muscle wasting in AIDS and improve nutrient absorption in SBS.

The benefits of GH injections may be more noticeable in older individuals, while younger people may require higher doses to achieve similar effects.

Studies show that people aged 30-60 need much lower doses to manage their symptoms than adults in their 20s.

HGH has similar benefits in men and women, but premenopausal women may need higher doses of growth hormone due to the antagonistic effect of estrogens.

Maximize the benefits of HGH for optimal results

Regardless of your age or gender, the best way to maximize the benefits of HGH treatment is to take the correct dose of the medication according to your doctor’s recommendations.

Furthermore, it’s important to take the injections regularly every day and avoid missing doses. Generally, it’s recommended to take your HGH injections before bed, as it helps mimic the natural increase in the release of growth hormone during sleep.

Adding a healthy diet and regular exercise in addition to GH therapy can help speed up some of the results, such as improved weight loss and increased muscle gain.

Adhering to a healthy diet and participating in regular physical exercise can also benefit many other aspects of your health such as your mood, cardiovascular system, and more.

Below you will discover more details on each of the most common benefits of HGH therapy.

Improved Body Weight

Fat loss and an increase in lean body mass are the first benefits that adults with GHD observe during HGH therapy. Most patients first notice fat loss after at least 6 weeks of injections.

HGH increases lean mass and decreases fatFat loss is most noticeable around the abdominal area because of the depot-specific effects of HGH. Growth hormone targets the fat that is primarily around the midsection and the internal organs (visceral fat), and research reveals that HGH therapy can cause significant visceral fat loss, lowering the risk of heart disease.

A systematic review of the literature also reveals that 6-12 months of HGH injections can lead to a 7-10% decrease in fat mass, a 3 cm decrease in waist circumference, and about a 2-5% increase in lean mass on average.

Increased Exercise Capacity

HGH therapy can also help improve exercise capacity, strength, and endurance. A meta-analysis of 11 studies reveals that at least 6 months of HGH injections can dramatically increase power output and oxygen uptake in GHD individuals.

It takes at least 3 months until you notice any benefits in strength and endurance.

Improved Skeletal Integrity

The anabolic effects of growth hormone extend to bone tissue, it helps to increase bone density in both men and women.

The increase in lean body mass also mediates the effects of HGH therapy on bone mineral density. Studies show that having higher lean body mass correlates with higher bone mass.

Ultimately, studies show this results in a lower risk of bone fractures. In one study, 3 years of GH treatment reduced the risk of bone fractures by 28% among 80 middle-aged and elderly women.

Generally, it takes at least 6 months of HGH therapy until there is any noticeable increase in bone density and several years of therapy until a maximum effect is achieved.

Healthier Cholesterol Levels and Improved Cardiovascular Health

Having GHD is a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Thankfully, HGH injections can help lower that risk and support the heart’s function in GH deficiency patients.

HGH reduces bad cholesterolAccording to studies, HGH therapy achieves that by slowing down atherosclerosis and reducing the LDL (bad) cholesterol by an average of 11-16% within 6-12 months of treatment.

The reduction in visceral fat during growth hormone therapy also helps lower the risk of heart disease. It may take at least 3 months of therapy until there is any improvement in cholesterol levels and heart function.

Improved Skin

GHD patients often complain of dry and thin skin. HGH therapy can support the integrity, thickness, and elasticity of your skin by stimulating the function of cells called fibroblasts that produce collagen.

Studies reveal that GH injections increase collagen production in the derma. Increasing skin elasticity and thickness may potentially reduce skin wrinkles.

Keep in mind that it may take at least 2-3 months of HGH therapy or longer until there is a noticeable increase in skin thickness.

Improved Healing And Recovery Process

Thanks to its anabolic effects, growth hormone can also speed up the healing process of tissues with quickly dividing cells, such as the skin and the bones. For example, studies report that HGH injections can lead to 15% faster recovery in patients with severe skin burns.

In another trial, HGH therapy also led to a 400% increase in collagen production inside the tendons of healthy individuals. Also, GH treatment can speed up the healing of fractured bones.

Increased Libido And Improved Sexual Performance

Studies report that sexual dysfunction is much more common amongst men and women with GHD who remain untreated compared to those receiving replacement therapy.

The researchers report that women receiving HGH were 23% less likely to experience sexual dysfunction, while men on HGH were 40% less likely to suffer from erectile problems.

Growth hormone can help erectile function in men via different pathways. First of all, it may help slow down atherosclerosis, which is a major cause of erectile problems among older men.

Furthermore, studies show that HGH is also important for the normal production of vasodilators such as NO, which play an important role in normal erections.

Better Mood And Cognition

Adult-onset growth hormone deficiency is often associated with atypical depression. Studies show that HGH therapy can effectively manage the symptoms of atypical depression and improve the quality of life in adults with GHD.

HGH improves energy levels and depressionBy improving symptoms of depression, researchers reveal that HGH therapy can also significantly reduce its toll on cognitive function.

It may take 3-6 months of HGH therapy until there is a noticeable improvement in mood and cognitive function.

Better Quality Of Life

All the benefits of HGH ultimately lead to improved quality of life in individuals with GHD. Some of the main benefits that lead to improved quality of life include better sleep, mood, sexual function, and energy levels.

It usually takes 3-4 months of HGH therapy to significantly improve sleep quality in men with GHD.

One study reports that GH therapy can reduce the occurrence of emotional disturbances and alleviate chronic fatigue in GHD patients, which ultimately leads to improved quality of life. It may take 3-6 months until there is a significant improvement.