Chief Medical Officer
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When it comes to services involving botox, dermal fillers, hormone replacement treatments, and a variety of cosmetic procedures, Dr. Richard Rogers is a well-known name. Dr. Rogers operates out of the health gains clinic in Florida. He is the chief medical officer at the clinic and is extremely well versed in his field. He is a well-reputed name in the community and is trusted by the people living in the state of Florida who come to him for a variety of treatments. He has been working in the field of medicine since 1993, making him incredibly experienced with what he does.

Dr. Rogers passed out of medical school in 1981 and obtained his degree from the Boston University’s School of Medicine. He then went on to do his internship at Tufts University. After spending a good amount of time learning the basics of being a good medical practitioner, he went on to complete his residency at one of the most prestigious schools in the entire country. Dr. Rogers worked at his residency at Harvard Medical School which was a brilliant opportunity for him to grow as a doctor truly. The next step that he took was when he went to Brigham Women’s Hospital and did a fellowship in cardiology and anesthesiology. His last venture that he went on to partake in before he started his clinic was at the Harvard Community Health Plan, where he worked as a practitioner in anesthesiology.

In addition to the qualifications and work experiences that he has to his name, Dr. Rogers is also a part of numerous prestigious organizations of doctors and medical practitioners. He is a member of the American College For Advancement For Medicine, The American Academy Of Anti Aging, The Institute For Functional Medicine and the Age Management Medicine Group. In addition to being part of these organizations and associations, he has also gained a number of certifications and credentials from them as well. He has received a fellowship from the FARM and has received a board certification from the ABAARM. He has also attained an advanced training certificate which was provided to him by the IFM for the work that he does.

One of the things that Dr. Rogers proficient in is Hormone Replacement Therapy. It is one of the things that he is most well known for, and people from all over the country come to him for this kind of procedures. The services that Dr. Rogers offers are for both men and women. Hormone Replacement Therapy is something that is incredibly tricky for doctors to master, but with skill and dedication, Dr. Rogers has been able to do what very few doctors choose in their careers. His past experiences in the medical field have also helped him incredibly when it comes to treating patients and offering them procedures that will help them with their worries and disorders.