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Brief info

Ms. Laura Lopez Drenes is the first person that patients meet when they go to the Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic, and she is usually the last person they see on their way out. Her job is to coordinate support and patient services at the clinic.

One of her largest achievements was receiving her degree in social services from one of the best universities in Central America which helped her launch her career at the Clinic. Every day her co-workers are made aware of her dedication and hard work as they see the smooth coordination between the patients, doctors and blood laboratories. Those who appreciate her services the most are the Medical Tourism patients who come to the clinic from other countries. It is up to Ms. Laura to coordinate their trip to the Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic so that everything goes smoothly.

Knowing that many of the patients who visit the clinic are very busy people and are on tight schedules, Ms. Lopez studied out the processes within the Clinic and found a way to make the consultations, lab tests and follow-up care more streamlined for all of the patients regardless of where they live.

Besides her work at the Clinic, Ms. Laura is 100% fluent in both the English and Spanish languages. She is known for her study of the contemporary arts and the work she volunteers to do within her community.