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As a dual citizen from the United States and Costa Rica, Dr. Garcia has 100% fluency in both the English and the Spanish languages. He was first introduced to medicine as a young boy when he accompanied his mother who was a nurse on mission trips to the Nicaraguan refugee camps during the Nicaraguan War. While there, he saw first hand how medicine can positively affect the lives of other people. That experience set the direction for his life. He studied Community Health at the University of Utah, and in 2002, finished out his medical degree at the Universidad Internacional de las Americas.

As a highly experienced and talented doctor, Dr. Garcia returned to Nicaragua as a volunteer to work in the same area where he first experienced the desire to become a doctor as a little boy. He has worked with prospective medical students from some of the best universities in Canada and in the US, teaching them community medicine. His work has included both primary and acute care and he has more than nine years of experience in clinical, hospital and occupational health settings. Because of his fluency in both languages and the opportunity he had to live in both Costa Rica and the USA, he has been able to build a good rapport with all of his patients, whether they be English or Spanish speaking.